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Electric car salary sacrifice, retain and attract talent

Electric car salary sacrifice combines the two things today’s employees really care about – saving money and helping the environment.

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free to join. Simple to run.

How electric car salary sacrifice benefits your company

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Reduce your national insurance contributions

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Retain and attract employees

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Support sustainability goals

Plus we also make it easy to set up and administer your scheme.

Why choose an EV Salary Sacrifice with ElectriX

With our unique features you can customise your electric car salary sacrifice scheme to best suit your business needs:

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Early termination

What if an employee leaves? We only require a minimum of 3 months enrolment, and provide a £25K limit of protection; This is compared to the industry average of 6 months and £10K.

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Access to 750+ 

EV repair centres

These specialist centres allow for a seamless process when it comes to service and repairs.

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Panel funding approach

This enables access to the widest selection of cost-effective EVs and available within the quickest lead times.

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Ongoing support
for enrolled employees

Free driver mobile apps for their EV,
charger support plus a 24hr helpline.

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Vehicle reallocation
across businesses

If a car is returned, you can reallocate to another employee to keep the costs down.

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Flexible NI
contribution savings

Based on your risk appetite you get to choose whether to keep National Insurance savings or return them to the employee.

How EV salary sacrifice works

Step 1: Complete online enquiry form
Step 2: Fully customise your scheme
Step 3: Promote the scheme to your staff
Step 1: Complete online enquiry form
Step 2: Fully customise your scheme
Step 3: Promote the scheme to your staff

Frequently asked questions about EV salary sacrifice

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing. The electric car scheme is free to run and has no administration charges. There are no upfront costs to you or your employees.

How do I find out if my team wants this benefit?

EV salary sacrifice is very popular with employees because it combines saving money with helping the environment. To help gauge interest in your team, we’ll provide a questionnaire to send to them, and even analyse and report on the results.

Will I get help marketing the electric car salary sacrifice scheme?

Yes 100%. If you want our help we’ll promote all the benefits of the scheme and provide you with a range of marketing materials to raise awareness.

How long does it take to set up a scheme?

We’ve made it as easy as possible to set up your electric car salary sacrifice scheme quickly. Plus, many cars are available in as little as 30 days, so your employees won’t wait long either.

Will it take up a lot of time to manage?

No, it’s very easy to run a scheme with only light touch administration.

How will I know if the scheme is liked?

The most obvious way will be how many staff take up the option; we can provide reports to help you monitor success of the in your business.


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